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Planning, construction, supervision and technical advice for the restoration of the land ecosystems. Individual or multiple services can be carried out at the same time.

  • Determination of potential land use for different uses;
  • Increased fertility of the land through the definition of fertilization plans to, eventual, self-production of fertilizers;
  • Systems for composting and worm-composting of organic waste materials for high-quality production of compost enriched with micro-organisms and minerals;
  • Agronomic soil analysis for the evaluation of fertility and in support of fertilization plans;
  • Rejuvenation of contaminated soils.

  • Irrigation systems, surface and subsurface drainage;
  • Ground work and earth repositioning for the growth of aquatic plants (edible and ornamental), fish (edible and ornamental) and breeding of water birds;
  • Ground work and earth repositioning for the collection and storage of rainwater (choice of suitable mechanical methods, topographic surveys, the key line method);
  • Developing plans for reclamation and irrigation to ensure maximum water is saved along with the integration of strategies for how water is saved and stored;
  • Strategy protecting vulnerable areas from water erosion through interventions of naturalistic engineering, the key line method, geological analysis.

Agriculture and Biodiversity
  • Definition of cultural programs and breeding for the use of sustainable techniques, signposting agricultural and forest land and company income optimization;
  • Plans for both economic and ecologic agro-pastoral reorganization for optimal management of mountain areas;
  • Elaboration of climate analysis, plans for thickening and cutting of forests, improving productivity of pasture-meadows;
  • Study of environment and natural systems of vegetation;
  • Programs to safeguard native biodiversity, intercropping, calendar rotations, production of compost and organic fertilizers, use of biodynamic preparations, mulch, no-till and minimum tillage, seeding, inter seeding, green manure, geological and chemical analysis, physical and micro biological soil degradation, continued use of and self-production of mycorrhiza, natural farming techniques, litter composting, grazing techniques, recovery, choice of animals (native and rare), holistic soil management, agro-forestry;
  • Assessment of vascular phytodiversity, state of preservation, the presence of rare and endemic species, chorological spectrum analysis and biological spectrum analysis.

Sustainable human settlement. Town and rural (farm and shelters for animal husbandry) buildings according to the following criteria: energy saving and maximum comfort within the building.
Food silos and buildings for storage and processing of vegetable and animal products.
Planning areas and sectors, Bioclimatic design, architectural barriers, polluted, analysis, harmony of proportions, system choices (technological installations, high efficiency thermohydraulic installations and LED light installation), choice of green materials, collection of rain water, energy self-sufficiency, management of waste materials.

Renewable energy production facilities – photovoltaics, thermal and thermo-dynamic solar power, micro-wind, geothermal, pyrolytic stoves, biogas.

Drawing up maps, construction of digital terrain models with cartographic data relating to the signifying features listed or contour lines and geographic analysis, with aerial photogrammetry for hydrography surveys, pollution surveys, and observations of the state of vegetation.

Design services are provided in cooperation with and

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